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PARENTING. Parenting isn't easy. Sometimes parents need support, too, whether a child is reaching an age that presents new challenges; your children are experiencing separations or losses from loved ones; or something has occurred that you want help with. There is no one-size-fits-all approach: different parents and different children need different kinds of support. We'd be happy to consult with you about whether our services might be right for you and your family. Dr. Seiff-Haron sees children and families, particularly children 6 and under.

CUSTODY EVALUATION. Dr. Seiff-Haron has been qualified as a custody evaluator in San Francisco County. His curriculum vitae can be found here. Please feel free to call, or to have your attorney call, with any questions. Because Child Custody Evaluation can be a stressful process for everyone involved, to begin a Child Custody Evaluation Dr. Seiff-Haron requires a detailed 730 order from Family Court, signed by the judge and naming him as evaluator; his retainer paid in full; and for both parties to sign his Scope Agreement and Fee Agreement. As of last update, the court has provided a copy of a standard order here.

In most cases, I require that the order specify psychological testing of parents and other non-minors at the discretion of the evaluator.

COPARENTING. Sometimes, getting along is difficult. Whether you are trying to broker a compromise between parents to which both can agree, or seeking a better understanding of children's needs, development and reactions, Dr. Seiff-Haron may be able to help. Please call to discuss whether our services might be right for you and your family.