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As an Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT), Dr. Seiff-Haron works with individual adults and couples experiencing discord in relationships. As one size doesn't always fit all, in addition to EFT Dr. Seiff-Haron also offers EMDR, a method for healing trauma, and IFS, a method that strengthens people's abilities to organize -- and improve -- the parts of themselves that are aching, managing those hurts... or acting out.

Additionally, Dr. Seiff-Haron works in a hand's-on, practical way with individuals in business and corporate America who are experiencing stress or glass ceilings in relation to their work. Dr. Seiff-Haron holds an MBA from Stanford's Graduate School of Business (1998) and has prior experience in business.

Dr. Seiff-Haron also works with bicultural, multicultural or LGBT individuals experiencing stress at home or at work around intercultural adaptation. In this, he is aided by 12 years as Core Faculty at Cross-Cultural Communications, Inc. He has extensive training and experience in working with Asian, Asian-American, Muslim (primarily Malay, Afghani and Pakistani), Indian (primarily North Indian), Russian and Latino/a clients, plus experience in cross-cultural adaptation with a wide range of South American, African, European, Middle Eastern and Asian ethnicities.